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Self Study:Introd. to WISH (Ont)
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$99.00 USD EA

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This Course includes the following lessons:
-Course Intro
-Logging into Ontario Demo Data
-WISH Menus and obtaining Help
-The Client Lookup Tool
-Client Demographics and Address tabs
-Children, Abusers and Others tab - Part 1
-The Abuser Profile. An Overview
-Adding an Abuser Profile to a Client's Workbook
-Handling Calls and Walk-ins Part I
-Handling Calls and Walk-ins Part 2
-Handling Calls and Walk-ins Part 3
-Searching Past Calls
-Creating a new Client Workbook
-Creating a Child Workbook
-More on the Child Workbook and Creating an Abuser Profile
-Intake to Shelter
-Modifying a Stay and completing the Intake Checklist
-Attaching Crisis Calls to a Client Workbook
-The Day End Process
-View Shelter by Day and Overnights
-Discharging a Client from Shelter
-Registered Program Intake
-Registered Programs for Children
-Listing Clients by Registered Program
-Discharge from a Registered Program
-Time Log Entry
-Entering Case Notes
-The Daily Review
-Printing the Worker Activity Report

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